Personal Assistant Role

Are you a caring and compassionate individual?

Are you looking for a new challenge that is rewarding and offers flexible working hours?

If so, then the role as a Personal Assistant (PA) could be for you.

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As a Personal Assistant your role is determined by the needs and ability of the person you are supporting. The tasks to be undertaken can range from personal care, cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and gardening to managing finances, responding to correspondence, scheduling and accompanying on appointments, befriending, going to the cinema or on day trips or accompanying your cared for person on holiday. You will be delivering personalised one-to-one support, building a platform to create a good, professional relationship with the person you support.

Training will be provided in-line with the specific needs of the individual that you are supporting. This may include skills such as moving and handling, administering medication or using specific equipment that is fundamental to your employer's care needs.

Customers of Rosekel can chose to either employ their own Personal Assistants directly, using the support of Rosekel, or have Rosekel be the legal employer of the Personal Assistants that deliver their care. This dual approach provides choice and control to our customers and ensures that they are comfortable with their level of responsibility. It removes bureaucracy and enables effective one-to-one, person-centered support to be delivered in a safe, caring, responsive and well-led environment. 

Being a Personal Assistant is a responsible role as you become a fundamental element of the critical care and support necessary for the safety of the person you support. It is a highly rewarding role as you will directly improve the lives of the people you support, including their family and wider social network.

Your role will come with all the responsibilities you would expect regarding booking holidays, managing any periods of absence and managing professional boundaries between you and the person you support. When you become a Personal Assistant, you will have the freedom to define your own work schedule to fit in around the demands of your everyday life and commitments.

95% of roles are permanent contracted hours funded by either the local authority or your local health Integrated Care Board. You have control over your availability and can accept roles that are suitable for you.

Personal Assistants may have more than one employer to build up the hours they need, but they must recognise each employer is separate and will work differently.

Rosekel will support and guide all Personal Assistants to be tax efficient and utilise your annual tax-free allowance. Dependent on your annual earnings, additional roles do not have to incur ongoing tax deductions, your employers' account manager will guide you on how to contact HMRC and allocate you tax-free allowance.

If you are interested in becoming a Personal Assistant, contact Rosekel today. You can also review our current vacancies by clicking here

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Rosekel support people to live independent and rewarding lives by delivering and co-ordinating care provision in home settings.

Rosekel was inspired by the Personalisation Agenda and delivers their services with a “Person Centered Approach” shaped to meet your needs and requirements.

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