Who We Support

Rosekel support Children and Adults who self-fund their own care in addition to those who are funded through Social Services or Health Integrated Care Boards via a Personal Health Budget or a Direct Payment. 

Rosekel is authorised to provide Personal Care to all adults with specialisms covering Dementia and Physical Disabilities. We deliver these services through our Third Party Arrangements.

To fully provide support to a budget holder or their advocate it is the ethos of Rosekel to include carers, members of a budget holder’s support network and their Personal Assistants. Rosekel strives for open and honest communication with all parties involved in the provision and receipt of care.

Support can range from 2 hours per week to 24 hour care and can include tasks such as:

  • Personal care
  • Household chores
  • Support with mobility
  • Complex health related conditions
  • Engaging with your local community
  • Pursuing hobbies and interests
  • Enabling you to go on holiday and visit friends and family

The level of support you are to receive will be dependent on your needs, your choices and your available budget. It is the role of Rosekel to enable you to arrange and receive the care you need. If your Personal Assistants need additional or specialised training Rosekel can either deliver the training upon your request or source and coordinate the training on your behalf.

There is no support that is too big, too small, too basic or too complex. Rosekel will work with you, your advocate and your multidisciplinary team to commission the support package that will deliver true personalisation, providing you with full choice and control.

About Us

Rosekel support people to live independent and rewarding lives by delivering and co-ordinating care provision in home settings.

Rosekel was inspired by the Personalisation Agenda and delivers their services with a “Person Centered Approach” shaped to meet your needs and requirements.

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