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Finding the funding to pay for care for you, or those that you support, can be a challenge. Please don't worry as there is help available and no matter how your care is to be funded, Rosekel can help you secure and manage the care you need.

Social Care Funding

If you think you need care the first step is to ensure you get a Social Care Assessment completed by your local council's social services department. Types of social care and support include:

  • help at home from a paid carer
  • meals on wheels
  • having home adaptations
  • household gadgets and equipment
  • personal alarms and home security systems so you can call for help (for instance, if you have a fall)
  • different types of housing, such as supported living services and care homes

Who pays for your Social Care can be quite complicated as it depends on your personal financial circumstances such as income, including benefits, savings and any property you own. Your local authority will carry out a financial assessment to decide how your Social Care should be funded. There is no financial assessment completed if the person needing care is under the age of 18, as social care for children is provided free of charge.

Social Care and support for adults is not a free service like the NHS and most adults will pay at least something towards the cost of their Social Care support. You will only be asked to pay what you can afford, sometimes you will pay the full cost and sometimes the cost will be shared between you and your local council. Rosekel can help you manage any contributions you are asked to make towards the cost of your care.

Personal Health Funding

NHS Health Care funding is not means-tested in the same way as adult Social Care and is free at the point of delivery. A personal health budget can potentially be spent on a broader range of care and support than would be routinely commissioned by the NHS, if it is agreed as being appropriate to meet someone's identified needs. This could include funding for a personal assistant to help with personal care at home, and equipment such as a wheelchair. Anything agreed in a personalised care and support plan, which will meet the person's identified health and wellbeing outcomes, can be funded, including:

  • Equipment
  • Personal care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Complementary therapies
  • Assistive and supportive technologies (e.g. computers, iPads, Kindles)

If you are interested in a personal health budget for yourself or someone you care for, you should talk to your local NHS team or health professional who helps you most often with your care - this might be a care manager or a GP. Your local Social Care team should also be able to refer you to the appropriate Health Care Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Integrated Health & Social Care Funding

An integrated personal budget is a joint-funded package of health and social care. An integrated personal budget is where the budget includes funding from both the local authority and the NHS covering both adults and children. This could be for health and social care needs and where appropriate includes education funding. Integrated personal budgets aim to put in place a seamless approach to care, so that people and their families have the same experience of care and support, regardless of whether their care is funded by the local authority or the NHS. Rosekel can help manage your integrated personal budget and secure the carers and services you need to meet your desired outcomes.

Self Funding

Typically adults with savings and assets over £23,250 will pay for their own Social Care costs. This assessment excludes the value of your own home. Even if you expect to pay for the cost of your adult social care, you can still request a full needs assessment from your local council's social care services department. This assessment will help identify the level of your needs and the types of care you should look to commission.

There is a separate financial assessment completed for adults who are to be cared for in a residential care home setting.

Health care costs are not means-tested and once a support plan has been agreed by your NHS provider, a personal budget will be allocated to you to fund your care and support. Rosekel can help you take this support plan and source the appropriate care services to meet your needs.

Whether your social care costs are funded by yourself or by your local council, Rosekel can help you find your care services, manage your payroll and employees, make payments and manage your budget. For more details about Rosekel's services, click here

If you need to find out more about the ways in which care for you or those that you support could be funded, contact you local Adult Social Care team based within your local authority or your local GP or care manager.

If you would like some friendly and independent advice around your care funding options, please feel free to contact Rosekel.

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