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I’d have never been able to do it without my Personal Assistant.

Helen, Nottingham

A lady who was previously employed as a chef (aged 63) was supported by Rosekel and through the commissioning of a Personal Budget which made an exceptional impact on her life. Prior to the commissioning of her care package the budget holder’s social network consisted of one friend who visits weekly and brings shopping, a sister who lives 250 miles away and a neighbour who makes withdrawals from her bank account (on her behalf).

The lady was in hospital for 10 months due to having her toes amputated.  On discharge from hospital support agencies/charities moved furniture upstairs with no organisation to create her a down stairs existence.  After reablement the support commissioned was an agency for Personal Care (7hrs per week) and Meals on Wheels.

Three months after hospital discharge she’d not been outside in the fresh air, her living environment and gardens had further deteriorated which resulted in a refusal to be rehoused after the council inspection.

Through a Personal Budget the lady now receives 25hrs support spread over 7 days.  The employed PA’s now bring the lady shopping on a weekly basis and she is back in control of her personal finances.  The living environment is cleaner and a freshly cooked meal is prepared daily.  The unwanted furniture has been cleared and the gardens maintained.  The PAs also supported her with the application process for rehousing.  They’ve supported the lady to view potential bungalows and secure/agree a move.

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Rosekel support people to live independent and rewarding lives by delivering and co-ordinating care provision in home settings.

Rosekel was inspired by the Personalisation Agenda and delivers their services with a “Person Centered Approach” shaped to meet your needs and requirements.

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