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Rosekel have built a diverse team of professionals, from various backgrounds in local government, health, charitable and care organisations. The team members have held management roles in occupational therapy, social care, welfare rights, and training. They have specialised in finance, payroll and budget management, human resources (recruitment and employment), personalisation, direct payments, personal budgets and the delivery of care.

With this skill mix and expertise Rosekel developed their three core professional services, Recruitment and Employment Support, Payroll Support and Third Party (Managed Account) Support to deliver to people across the Eastmidlands.

It is imperative to Rosekel that services are customer led and delivered in a person centred approach empowering people and enabling true personalisation. Rosekel support packages deliver an inclusive and enabling service that is initially generic and then shaped around the individual customer needs, circumstances and chosen lifestyle.  Rosekel is not the decision maker but the vehicle that presents the options available to the individual.  Rosekel supports and enables positive informed risk taking that promotes independence, choice and control and budget efficiency in a safe and secure environment.  With this approach Rosekel consistently achieved success in commissioning support, removing barriers and creating independence for budget holders.

About Us

Rosekel Resourcing is an innovative Health & Social Care Personal Budget / Direct Payment Support Agency.

Rosekel was inspired by the Personalisation Agenda and delivers their services with a “Person Centered Approach” shaped to meet your needs and requirements.

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