Personal Assistant

Care delivered through a Personal Assistant will be shaped to meet your individual needs and requirements providing you with choice and full control over your care. Personal Assistants provide one to one care and support, taking their direction from the cared for person or their advocate.

Care delivered by Personal Assistants has transformed the experience from the traditional agency approach of one size fits all to tailored support with successful outcomes, building strong working relationships between the Personal Assistant, the cared for person and family members where applicable.

Dependant on your level of needs and the support that you require will dictate the number of Personal Assistants that will be recruited to support you.

No support tasks are too big or too small just ask for them to be completed, Personal Assistants are your employee and are there to support you.

Rosekel can provide you with Recruitment and Employment Support, along with a Payroll and Budget Management support packages enabling you to recruit to your care.

About Us

Rosekel Resourcing is an innovative Health & Social Care Personal Budget / Direct Payment Support Agency.

Rosekel was inspired by the Personalisation Agenda and delivers their services with a “Person Centered Approach” shaped to meet your needs and requirements.

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